Newbridge Solar Solutions   
A proud division of KJA Electric

Using Solar for Off Grid and powering transportation(Tesla)

Welcome to Newbridge Solar Solutions. We wanted to build a Modern Style House Off Grid with all modern conveniences. With our electrical industrial experience we have maximized the possibilities and strengths of Solar, Wind and Battery or SWB.


 The Shed  with Solar Providing Power for the House


12 kw of Solar was part of the Original Installation


3 kw Wind Turbine was added in the winter of 2020 to cutdown use of Generator and drive more Electric in the Winter


Our Services

Our company completes a wide range of Electrical Services including Industrial Electrical Maintenance. We can work with you to custom design a solar system that meets your electrical needs and budget including "Net Metering options". We have taken our house Off Grid and realized how fun it was to generate our own power.


With over 25 years experience in the Industrial Electrical Trade we are taking Solar and Off Grid to a whole new level. We can heat/eat and drive.


How nice would it be to wake up not having to worry about the hydro bill or the gas cost and then in the evening go into a nice soothing hot-tub at no cost.


This shows the state of the Batteries

If it says full, it means there is "Free Energy" to be utilized. First came the Hot Tub, then came the Electric Vehicle.

Ray of Light


88206 Mud Lake Line S

Fordwich, N0G 1V0

Ontario Canada

Contact Kevin 519-292-6196